My Topic and Five Non-Web Secondary Sources

19 Feb


The topic that I choose to talk about is the Mexican-American war and how unfair-unjust was the position of United States when they took a big part of Mexico’s land at a time where Mexico was very unstable. I will persuade the reader that United States was taking advantage of a weaker nation to acquire that territory.

The non-web sources that I choose are:

A-   E Book: Short, Offhand, Killing Affair: Soldiers and Social Conflict during the Mexican-American War.

–       This book talks about the experience of the American soldiers during the war, describing some of the injustices committed on different battles. Also talks about how some of the soldiers did not agree with the killings in Mexican land. In addition it talks about how significant the territorial gains of the United States where and all the social and political divisions that these caused. At the time America adopted an aggressive expansion policy that often ignored many inferior countries.

B-   Article: Border Crossings in the Mexican American War.

–       The reason why I choose this book is because it explains how the Mexican-American War was developed, so it talks about why it happens and how, with all the different reasons that help in the war. It also mentions the Manifest Destiny and explains that is a paper that makes Americans believed they had a divine right to bring their culture among others, because they were superior.

C-   Article: The American Invasion of New Mexico and Mexican Merchants

–       This great article talks about the U.S. invasion of Mexico in the Mexican merchant’s of New Mexico point of view and how all of them supported Mexico during the war.

D-  E Book: Manifest Destinies: The Making of the Mexican American Race.

–       This book describes the U.S. colonization of the Northern Mexico and the creation of the Mexican Americans. Also it is a description of all the different circumstances at the time when the war started. In the other hand talks about how United Stated was concern regarding the people’s living in the land and what kind of rights they would have over their properties and if they were going to be obligated to move out of their own land.

E-   E Book:  Habits of Empire: A History of American Expansionism.

–       This book talks about how throughout history United States always works towards expanding territory as their number one priority. I choose this book because it gives an incredible detail of all process of acquisition of Mexican land. Also it talks about how United States always divided the land to his favor.

F-   Article: Mexico’s Vision of Manifest Destiny during the 1847 War.

These are all the sources that I have for now. After all of these reading I think that some of them are very good and other I am really not sure if I will use them at the end. I really like the topic that I choose for this essay and I hope I can find all the right information that make this essay a master piece.

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