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Revision Process






The last two weeks of this revision process have been very interesting.  I had to make a lot of changes in my essay.There was a lot to add to the conclusion of my paper. I felt that the conclusion needed it something that makes the reader think about what I wrote. I worked very hard to make this paper the best. I believe that my essay should get an A. The reason why, is because the research I did for this paper was very extensive. I also put a lot of work on the grammar and revision process. I am very happy with this paper and I hope I get and A.

Good Luck to all my classmates with their papers.


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Peer Review Process for Essay two


After posting my essay in the discussion board I am very thankful for the nice comments about my paper. I just hope that all those wonderful comments are true and my paper is a work of art. LOL!

I did have some suggestion about thing that I need to fix. One comment that I got is about the works cited page, it was from Tracy Stinson, and it was very useful because she let me know that I need to put the title of the books in Italics, so I was able to fix that. Also Christine Salleng told me that some of my paragraphs are a little short, and today I am working on that as well. Then Kiah Brown suggests that I need to use more transition words because in some parts of my paper it gets a little confusing.

I will like to thank a lot to all of my classmates for all the great suggestions, they were a big help. I am working on a lot of things for this paper and also I am taking my paper to the writing center next Monday. This has been a great experience and a big help.

Good luck to every one!!

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