Essay 2: Persuasive Writing

Well now is time to start a new essay. Reading all the requirements, I have to say that I am a little worry because I’m not from this country and I honestly don’t know a lot of American History. This means that I am going to have to do a big research and a lot of reading for this one. At the same time I am very excited about the idea of learning new information about this country because I am in the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen, so it is very important for me to learn as much as I can about my new country.  After reading all the material for this essay I feel a little overwhelm with all the little details of this project, but at least I know that I have a very detail guide of what I have to do.

After reading all the material for essay two, I learned that in persuasive writing it is very important to have a good introduction that supports the argument of my thesis statement.  Also that in order to develop a good argument I need to know a lot about my topic so I can use solid arguments that support my claims.

The research about my topic should be based on reliable and credible information and it should avoid logical fallacies like hasty generalization where the writer rushes to a conclusion before he has all the facts.

The topics that I am thinking of writing about are:

–          The Mexican American War.

–          Mexican Americans.

I have to be honest and say that I really don’t know anything about these topics, but I am hoping that I will find a lot of information about them. I really don’t know yet what can I persuade the reader about on these two topics, but I am thinking that I can say something from the Mexican point of view about them. I have a lot of Mexicans friends and I think I can get a few opinions.

I am expecting this essay to be great and I wish everybody good luck on this new challenge!

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Essay One Revision Process

Finally I had finish my essay! I am full of joy and peace about my writing and all the process.  I had to do a few adjustments in the introduction, the thesis statement  and in the conclusion of my essay.

This was the first time I had to write a biography and I think that it is a lot better then writing about a TV-show or a movie. All the process was very interesting and the person that I chose to write about was a great war hero.

I think that all the suggestion of my classmates, and information that professor Stacy provided was very useful and a important part of the success of the paper.

Now it comes the hardest part, the grading process and getting a good grade! I am confident that my paper will be a great success!


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Looking Desperately for Inspiration






Writing this paper has been a challenge. I really thought it was going to be a lot easier. I guess the hardest part has been to be able to find the inspiration to write. As some of my classmates point out my paper needs a lot more writing, but it seems that I haven’t be able to find the words or the time for it.  I like one of the comments; it was very useful and gave me details about things I have to fix. But the other one was not to nice “at least I feel like it was”.

I know I have to work on my paper a lot more and I think I have good sources with a lot of information. My plan is to work on it this weekend and take to be revising at the writing center on Monday.

So hopefully it will be great and long enough.


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My Topic and Five Potential Sources









Cindy Solis

Stacy Hartlage Taylor

ENG 102

22 January 2012

My Topic and Five Potential Sources

   When I saw for the first time the topic of this semester class I got so excited.  To be very honest I don’t know anything about the Wild West, but this topic is so interesting to learn about that I know it is going to be a great class.

After looking at all the great personalities of all the legends of the Wild West, I decided to write about Loreta Janeta Velazquez. Her bibliography and all the things she did are full of courage and excitement. I think that writing about her it going to be an easy and interesting thing to do.

I love the fact that she was a strong woman who decided to do something radical to pursuit her believes and plans. She wanted it to be part in the Civil War, so she dressed as a Confederate soldier and fought in battle many times.

Then when I started the research about her it was very easy to find good and reliable sources.

1-      The first one I found was of course Wikipedia. I choose this website/encyclopedia because is a very useful, reliable and educational site.


2-      The second source that I found was an educational organization dedicated to support the education about the history of the Civil War. I think the credentials of this institution make the information they provide useful and appropriate.


3-      After that, I found an article in a website call This article was originally published in the Civil War Times magazine in the year 1999, but it was revised and updated in the year 2011.


4-      Then I got a website with documents about the civil war in the American South. I choose this one because the information is intended to documenting the history of the Civil War.


5-      Then at last I found Women’s History.  The information in this website is clear and easy to understand.


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American Legends: Writing about the Wild West.

American Legends: Writing about the Wild West.



Cindy Solis

Stacy Hartlage Taylor

ENG 102

15 January 2012


ENG 102 Here I come…! Ready and excited about this new class

Hello Everybody!!

My name is Cindy, I am thirty years old, I am married and I work as a Certified Nurse Assistant at Baptist Hospital East in the Outpatient surgery floor.  I love my job and all the people that I work with. Surgery is one of my passions and for me is a very interesting and enjoyable career path. Right now I am studying to be an RN nurse but in the future I will become an Anesthesia Doctor.

Also, I am a vegetarian and a big advocate of a life with everything natural and simple. These kinds of statements may be considered for some people as a little bit of a hippie life, but I love it.

I came to this country twelve years ago and this is my first time in college. I am very thankful for this opportunity and all the good things this country has given me. I am really happy to say that will become a US citizen in a couple months and very proud about it.

I have two dogs that I love with all my heart.  Abby is a Boston terrier and Nina is a Boxer. They are active, playful and they make my life a beautiful place to be.

Some of the things I love to do are: listen to music, watch movies with my husband, dancing, go to the gym to exercise, meditate, play with my dogs, cook great food, read and study.

I took a couple of online classes already and in my readiness quiz I got the highest score. For these reasons I think that I am ready for this class. Also studying without supervision is a good quality of mine. But, one of my weaknesses is that I wait until the last minute to do my homework, which is not a good thing. For this class I need to work a lot on my writing skills, my time management and my studying habits.

I know that I will have a lot of challenges, but I also know that I will learn a lot of new things. I know this is a great class and I am looking forward to all the interesting things I will learn in this semester.


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